Spies of Washington Tour

Walking Tours

See Washington, DC at a leisurely pace as you learn about espionage and intelligence in the nation's capital. Four walking tours are available:

Spies of Georgetown

A small tobacco port 250 years ago, Georgetown today is one of the most fashionable areas of Washington, associated with high-profile political figures, media moguls, and society leaders. But there is another side to Georgetown" espionage and intrigue. This walking tour will highlight sites associated with spies, counter-spies, and covert action successes and failures. Come learn real-life stories that took place in the narrow streets, among the trendy restaurants and stylish homes of "fashionable Georgetown."

Meeting place: Georgetown Public Library, 3260 R St., NW. Washington, DC [map]

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Spies in the Shadow of the White House

See the “heart of Washington” as you have never seen it before. Stroll through the “President’s Park,” and learn tales of Civil War spies from America’s darkest hours. Who was the Confederate spy who practiced her wiles in the shadow of the White House? Who was the spy who spent long hours sitting in the park, and why? Continue your walk along Pennsylvania Avenue as we discuss stories of intelligence and counter-intelligence concerning some of the familiar buildings on "America's Main Street." What was the motivation of the FBI agent who provided information to the Soviets at the same time that he worked to capture Soviet spies? And was there really a link between Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and the famous Cambridge Five group of spies?

Meeting place: The statue of Andrew Jackson in center of Lafayette Square (1600 H Street, NW) Washington, DC [map]

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Spies of Washington: North by Northwest

The neighborhoods around the present Russian Embassy on Upper Wisconsin Avenue have a rich history of espionage involving well-known and little known personalities. . Who was the beautiful young analyst in the Department of Justice who captured the fancy of the American public and the press? Was her motivation love or was it treachery? What is the background of the "tunnel" under the present Russian Embassy? Where and why was it dug? This walking tour will explore these areas, and will discuss stories of espionage involving the embassies, the apartments, and the restaurants of the area.
Note: This tour involves considerable uphill walking.

Meeting place: Bryce Park, (approximately) 3700 Massachusetts Avenue, NWW, Washington, DC[map]

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Spies of Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill has been famous for two hundred years as the scene of political deal-making. Lesser known are the acts of espionage that have occurred in the very shadow of the dome of the Capitol. Who was the only American for whom an "era" was named, and why is he still controversial? We will see the offices and homes of some famous Hill residents (some of whom we do not usually associated with espionage), and learn little-known spy stories about some of the most famous buildings in Washington.

Meeting place: Metro entrance (street level), Union Station, 40 Massachusetts Avenue, NE, Washington, DC [map]

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A vehicular Spies tour is available on a private basis. Call (703) 569-1875 for more information.