Spies of Washington Tour

Why a "Spy Tour"?

A spies tour will visit many of the usual sights of Washington, but with a totally different perspective: espionage and betrayal, the stories that in many cases, were considered "hush-hush" for many years. What happened in these ordinary places? Why was the spy motivated to betray his/ her country? How did the spy manage to deceive co-workers, friends, and family, sometimes for years?

All information contained in these tours has been researched in publicly accessible documents. Copies of the bibliographies used as background research are available to tour participants.

Your Tour Guide

These tours have been developed and presented by Carol Bessette, a career Air Force intelligence officer, whose experience ranges from Saigon during the Vietnam War to the highest levels of intelligence coordination in Washington. She has been the tour guide in Washington, DC for over twenty years, and is a frequent lecturer on lesser-known aspects of the history of Washington, as well as a regular presenter for Road Scholar programs.

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